About Company

"STENEX ART" was established in 1982 as a manufacturer of high quality amber jewellery decorated with silver and gold.

         At the beginning we were a family firm; nowadays we employ a wide circle of young but highly qualified goldsmiths and jewellers working in amber, trained from the beginning in our firm.

         Its strength is the variety of its production, thanks to which our offer is attractive and flexible, able to fulfil the demands and expectations of our customers from all over the world.

         At present we offer:

  • The series of jewellery in the shape of musical instruments
  • Modern jewellery
  • Objects sculpted in amber, including intaglio and cameo brooches
  • Applied art in many forms, e.g. caskets, knives, phials
  • Unique works of goldsmithery

For a number of years STENEX ART takes part in international jewellery exhibitions and fairs in places like: Las Vegas,Tucson, Paris, Tokyo, Osaka, Munich, Vienna.