Taking care of your jewellery


Jewellery which we love should serve us for a long period of time. So it we are happy owners of beautiful amber-silver jewellery we should think how to protect it against probable damage and how to take care of it.


First of all it should not be in contact with other objects. It should be kept in a separate plastic bag. The best type of a bag is a bag with a strip of special glue which makes closing the bag easier.

There is a whole spectrum of such bags in jewellery stores even suitable for big unique jewellery items.


As far as everyday usage is concerned the string (zip) type bags are better however we have noticed that in longer use of such bags the jewellery stored in them becomes yellow. Also the foil becomes less transparent and the stored in these type of bags jewellery does not look fresh.


In order to regain lost shine or just to refresh it the cleaning jewellery cloth is the best.

The cleaning cloth it is a small piece of material (there are different colors) soaked in a polishing liquid. The cleaning cloth is not expensive but very handy it might be used in any conditions and it is very effective.


Avoid keeping the silver jewellery in leather bags or bags which include glue or traces of glue. They make the jewellery yellow. The leather bags have also traces of different chemicals which react with silver.


I would like to warn you not to use any polishing liquids available in different stores including jewellery stores. Such liquid will refresh silver jewellery but only silver. Jewellery including amber might be irreversibly damaged. The polishing liquid will expose the gloss of silver but will tarnish the amber.


If we are proud owners of large collection of personal jewellery it would be wise to invest in a professional jewellery casket. They are available in different shapes, patterns, colors in jewellery shops. The casket itself apart its practical objective may also constitute a decorative item.



Joanna Krupowicz